Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID31


Featuring a shortened base frame, the Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID31 fits perfectly in all Smith Machines, Power Racks and Multi-Press Racks. Its design also allows for proper form and positioning for incline press and shoulder press in all racks.

Multi-adjustable, the Body-Solid GFID31 bench has a six-position ladder-style back pad adjustment mechanism. The bench also offers users an eight-position adjustable seat pad, allowing users of any size to do bent-knee sit-ups and ab crunches with correct lower back support and hip flexor alignment.

Additional features include T-bar Leg Hold Down Attachment, wheels for easy transportation and thick, rich DuraFirmâ„¢ upholstery. Optional attachments include the Leg Developer (GLDA1) and Preacher Curl (GPCA1).

With a weight capacity of over 600lb, the GFID31 bench is the perfect adjustable bench for the home gym or commercial gym.


  • Weight capacity: over 600lb
  • Design: features a shortened base frame to fit perfectly in all smith machines, power racks and multi-press racks
  • Back pad: can be adjusted easily thanks to a secure 6 position ladder-style adjustment feature
  • Seat pad: fully adjustable 8 position seat pad
  • Includes: T-Bar Leg Hold Down Attachment
  • Optional attachments: Leg Developer (GLDA1) and Preacher Curl (GPCA1)
  • Upholstery: thick, cushioning DuraFirm upholstery
  • Transport wheels: yes
  • Grade: commercial
  • Model: GFID31
  • Dimensions: 55cm (H) x 149cm (L) x 68cm (W)

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