The exercise bench is an essential piece of fitness equipment for any strength training routine. Exercise benches can be used with dumbbells, barbells, power racks and smith machines, as well as on their own.

There are many types of exercise benches. Benches can be flat, incline, decline or adjustable. Adjustable benches, such as the SFID325 Commercial Adjustable Bench, can be set to a flat, incline or decline position.

Olympic benches usually come with uprights for racking an Olympic bar. These include, for example, the Body-Solid Flat Olympic Bench and Steelflex Neo Olympic Bench Military Bench.

A preacher curl bench, such as the Powerline PPB32X Bench, is great for exercising your biceps. By stabilising your arms, it prevents you from cheating and forces your biceps to do all of the lifting.

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