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At FitnessWorld, we offer a 3-year service plan and warranty on all our Matrix, Vision and Horizon fitness products to ensure that your exercise equipment will be taken care of, long after you’ve purchased it. Includes free shipping and installation in South Africa. Learn more.

3 Year Service Plan & Warranty

R24,999.00 inc. VAT
R14,999.00 inc. VAT
R10,399.00 inc. VAT
R11,999.00 inc. VAT
R17,199.00 inc. VAT
R24,999.00 inc. VAT
R22,999.00 inc. VAT
R37,599.00 inc. VAT
R17,499.00 inc. VAT
R20,999.00 inc. VAT
R35,999.00 inc. VAT
R22,999.00 inc. VAT