Supplying quality home and commercial gym equipment since 2003.

FitnessWorld Showroom Cape Town
FitnessWorld Showroom Cape Town
FitnessWorld Showroom Cape Town

FitnessWorld was founded in 2003 by Trevor Chellew, who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 40 years. Before opening FitnessWorld, Trevor was a club manager for a major multi-national health club chain and later became the company’s operations manager, opening more than 40 health clubs around the world. Fueled by his love of fitness and the gym industry, he started FitnessWorld so that he could use his knowledge and expertise to assist individuals and organisations in selecting gym equipment that best suits their particular needs and budgets.

Fitness Equipment for Your Fitness Facility

With many years of experience in the gym industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you equip your fitness facility. Over the years, we have provided exercise equipment solutions for commercial fitness centres, corporate gyms and fitness facilities in hotels, universities, spa and wellness centres, military bases, prisons, police stations and fire stations.

Exercise Equipment for Your Home

We understand that the world, being the place it is today, demands a great deal of our time and energy. It’s therefore difficult to always find time to exercise or make it to the gym. But with a wide range of home gym equipment and accessories available at FitnessWorld, you can also enjoy your workouts at home. As a result, finding the time to exercise will be easier, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals and experience a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you want to get into shape for a sport, lose weight or maintain a reasonable fitness level, we can help provide you with the equipment that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals.